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Building Information Modelling

31st May 2011 the Government Strategy was published by the Cabinet office announcing the Governments intention to require collaborative 3D BIM (Level 2) with all projects and asset information, documentation and data being electronic, by 2016.

D.H.Squire Consulting Engineers have invested greatly in the Governments Strategy to modernise the construction industry by the use of collaborative 3D BIM.

D.H.Squire Consulting Engineers have the latest Revit Architecture and Revit MEP software, along with trained staff with an in depth knowledge of the software and BIM strategy to enable the use of BIM across all of our projects.

There are three levels of BIM;

Level 0 - Unmanaged CAD, in 2D with paper or electronic data exchange.

Level 1 - Managed CAD in 2D or 3D format with a collaborative tool providing a common data environment. Commercial data managed seperatley with no integration.

Level 2 - A managed 3D environment held in a separate discipline 'BIM' tools with data attched. Commercial data integrated. This level may utilise 4D construction sequencing and/or 5D cost information.

Level 3 - A fully integrated and collaborative process enabled by 'web services' and compliant with emerging Industry Foundation Class (IFC) standards. This level will utilise 4D, 5D and 6D project lifecycle management information.

D.H.Squire Consulting Engineers are are currently able to offer professional services up to Level 2 BIM and are working towards Level 3 BIM over the next few years.

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